Public-private Dialogue

Public Private Dialogue (PPD) provides a platform that contributes to creating an enabling environment for transport and logistics advancement, trade facilitation, efficiency of customs, harmonisation of standards, reduction of non-tariff barriers and enhanced export capability.

Complementary to PPD initiatives, US$122,000 was allocated to EABC the regional apex private sector business organisation, to facilitate development of recovery mechanisms for businesses post-COVID-19.img

Export capability

TMEA’s plan to increase exports includes targeted investments in transport and logistics to enhance capability of operators; providing support to horticulture sector to attain global quality standards and access to markets through marketing campaigns and value addition; tourism development; and development of e-commerce ecosystems.

As COVID-19 brought East Africa’s tourism sector to a standstill, we facilitated the relaunch of The East Africa Tourism Platform (EATP). img

Women in Trade

To increase effective participation of women in trade, TMEA supported: research, advocacy and dialogue; strengthening of trade associations; and creating platforms that strengthen trade and information access.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Women in Trade Programme repurposed its interventions to respond to the emergency needs of women traders whose businesses were severely affected by the restrictions with losses of up to 90 percent.img

Safe Trade Emergency Facility

Set up to address disruptions along trade corridors and critical supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic, interventions under this project helped to maintain low costs and efficient time of doing business. Some of the challenges that demanded policy advocacy were:

  • Delayed COVID-19 test results for truck drivers by up to 48 hours, leading to increased costs by up to US$4,450 per day.
  • Non-implementation of the EAC COVID-19 standard operating procedures for truck drivers.